Regional nätverksträff: Heather Maitland

23 oktober, 09.30-12:00, Kultur i Väst
Heather Maitland, en av förgrundsgestalterna inom begreppet publikutveckling håller en workshop om hur man arbetar med publikutveckling i den egna organisationen.

How do audiences choose?

Over three years, audiences in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, could choose between 15,049 events in six theatres and arts centres.  That’s a lot of choice.  So why did they only buy tickets for an average of 1.8 events in all that time?

What do we know about how our audiences make choices about their spare time?  Does more choice help or confuse them?  What can we do to make it more likely that they choose us?

Explore how we can respond to the evidence in this second interactive workshop with the UK’s Heather Maitland.  Together, we’ll look at research and case studies from the cultural sector and beyond.  What do they tell us about how we can develop new audiences and deepen our engagement with those already involved in what we do?