Welcome to Audiences Sweden

RePublik - Audiences Sweden - is a centre for audience development and engagement. We promote increased and widened participation in the public culture sector and support the development of diverse and audience centered culture organisations. 

There are many similar organisations in other countries, but until 2015 Sweden had no cross sector arena do develop the agenda on audiences engagement and widened participation. Our ambition is to reflect the development within and share knowledge between all publicly funded arts and culture sectors.

What we do

Change requires engaged leadership. Our main focus, therefore, is to develop and strengthen leadership in publicly funded arts organisations. We gather and disseminate knowledge and best practice in terms of widened audience engagement. We co-operate with partners through networks in Sweden, the Nordics and in Europe.

Arts & Audiences

The conference Arts & Audiences is, since 2011, a Nordic arena for exchange and international inspiration on the as and their audiences 
2016 the conference is hosted and programmed by RePublik. This years theme is ”Leading Transition” and is about our main challenge: The importance of leadership to develop the structures for a thriving and creative audience engagement in the arts.
Arts & Audiences has been developed in a partnership with Center for Kunst & Interkultur (CKI), Norsk Publikumsutvikling (NPU), Producentbyrån och Kultur i Väst genom RePublik.